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Optical Scattering

Optical Scattering

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Linear Elasticity

Heat Conduction

JCMsuite is based on advanced mathematical methods and technologies from computer science.
This results in exceptionally short computation times, compact data space requirements and highly robust software.

Important features are:

  • Vectorial finite elements of polynomial order 1 – 10
  • Exact 2D and 3D geometry modelling using unstructured meshes
  • Self-adaptive grid refinement relying on residual-based error estimation 
  • Combination of different mesh refinement levels and polynomial ansatz functions of varying degree
  • 1D, 2D, 3D cartesian coordinates (with periodic, transparent, and/or fixed boundary conditions), cylindrically symmetric, mirror symmetric and twisted coordinate systems
  • Rigorous treatment of periodic and transparent boundaries 
  • Automatic, adaptive parameter settings for transparent boundaries using adaptive perfectly matched layer method (PML)
  • Automatic computation of first- and higher-order parameter derivatives
  • Domain-decomposition (DD) methods for efficient simulations of large 3D geometries
  • Reduced basis methods (RBM) for an online-offline decomposition of parameterized simulations
  • Complex and anisotropic material permittivity and permeability tensors
  • MATLAB®-, Python, C-interfacing
  • Various post-processes for field-exports (e.g., cartesian and simplicial grids), field transformations (e.g., Poynting vector evaluation) and functional evaluations (e.g., Fourier transformation) on the solution fields
  • Comprehensive tutorials and parameter reference in html format and directly accessible from JCMcontrol
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