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Optical Scattering

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ebenlensScattering problems are problems, where the refractive index geometry of the objects is given, incident waves as well as (possibly) interior sources are known and the response of the structure in terms of reflected, refracted and diffracted waves has to be computed. The figure sketches the response of a micro lens subject to waves incident from the left.


Mathematical Definition

To compute scattering solutions, we solve the time-harmonic Maxwell's Equations

Scattering E-equation
for given sources J (current densities and dipoles) and incident fields. In modeling scattering problems one considers the field exterior to the scattering object as superposition of source and scattered fields. Since the scattered fields move away from the object they have to satisfy a radiation condition. In JCMsuite we implemented a mathematical rigorous perfectly matched layer (PML) based on an adaptive and self-controlled algorithm.  

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