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Optical Scattering

Optical Waveguide Design

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JCMsuite computes waveguide modes (either the electric field, the magnetic field or both) and corresponding propagation constants. Waveguides are structures which are invariant in one spatial dimension (here z-direction) and arbitrarily structured in the other two dimensions. The figure below sketches as examples an optical fiber and an integrated optical waveguide.


Mathematical Definition

To compute waveguide modes, we solve  Maxwell's curl-curl Equations in the following form

with its special composition of the electrical field E as product of a field E (x,y) depending just on the position in the transverse plane and a phase factor. Additionally, physically correct boundary conditions are applied. Given the permeability, permittivity and frequency, we solve for pairs of the electric field E (x,y) and the corresponding propagation constant (wavenumber) kz. JCMsuite solves also the corresponding formulation for the magnetic field H (x,y). Mode computation in cylindrical and twisted coordinate systems allows to rigorously compute, e.g., the effect of fiber bending.

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