JCMsuite solves time-harmonic Maxwells equations for

  • Optical scattering problems
  • Optical waveguide design problems,
  • Optical resonance problems,
    as well as
  • Linear elasticity problems,
  • Heat conduction problems,
    and any coupled problem classes of these types.

JCMsuite allows for any complex and anisotropic material permittivity and permeability tensors.

Mathematical Background
JCMsuite is based on advanced mathematical methods and technologies from computer science.

  • High order vectorial finite elements
  • Exact 2D and 3D geometry modelling using unstructured meshes
  • Self-adaptive grid refinement relying on residual-based error estimation
  • Combination of different mesh refinement levels and polynomial ansatz functions of varying degree
  • 1D, 2D, 3D Cartesian coordinatesystems, cylindrically symmetric, mirror symmetric and twisted coordinate systems
  • Rigorous treatment of periodic and transparent boundaries
  • Automatic computation of first- and higher-order parameter derivatives

Easy-to-use data access and processing
JCMsuite is designed to fully integrate into your MATLABĀ®/Octave or Python environment. The entire design task can, besides running stand alone, be embedded into these high-level scripting languages, enabling an intuitive, comfortable and flexible scripting of complicated design setups via
MATLABĀ®/Octave-, Python-, C-interfacing.

Various post-processes for the analysis of simulation results (e.g., Poynting flux, Fourier transformation, optical imaging) are included.

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