The complexity of modern nano-optical systems makes extensive simulations indispensable. Especially rigorous simulations as delivered by JCMsuite yield a deep understanding of the underlying phenomena. Find out more about the challenges in different areas.

Simulation of lithographic mask
Computational Lithography

JCMsuite allows for the complete optical simulation chain: the description of complex illuminations, the computation of optical fields propagating through optical imaging systems and through photomasks up to the formation of images in photoresists.

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Simulation of lithographic mask
Computational Metrology

Optical metrology for structures with periods larger than half of the illumination wavelength has become a standard metrology technique. However, the development of fast and rigorous simulation techniques together with designed measurment setups allows for optical metrology approaches in deep subwavelength regimes.

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Simulation of lithographic mask
Waveguides and Fibers

JCMsuite computes waveguide modes and corresponding propagation constants for all kinds of waveguides including single- and multimode fibers, photonic crystal fibers, microstructured fibers, integrated optical waveguides, plasmonic waveguides. Mode computation in cylindrical and twisted coordinate systems allows to rigorously compute the effect of waveguide bending.

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BZO 700nm log scale field shifted

JCMsuite supports all aspects of improving the photovoltic efficiency: analysis of the efficiency of layer structures and material compositions, the effect of random and micro-structured layers, backreflectors and surfaces, plasmonic effects of regular or randomly distributed plasmonic particles and nonlinear effects including frequency conversion.

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Light Sources

Light sources such as laser diodes, VCSELs, LEDs, OLEDs, and single-photon sources are fundamental building blocks of optical devices. JCMsuite allows for the efficient simulation and optimization of their optical properties, including far field distributions, fiber-coupling efficiencies and thermal lensing effects.

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Nanostructured Materials

JCMsuite allows for the design and analysis of the optical properties of new nanostructured materials. Examples are plasmonic materials, chiral materials, photonic crystals and quasi-crystals, metamaterials, rough interfaces, nanocomposites, and others.

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