JCMsuite: micro pillar simulation

  • Simulation of complex optical systems

  • JCMsuite is the finite element solver for the computation of electromagnetic waves in complex nano-optical systems. The continuum mechanics and heat conduction moduls allows for modeling complicated materials such as stress-induced birefringence. The included optical imaging and light source tools complete the workflow for the simulation of an entire wave optical system, such as a microscope, a scatterometer, or single photon source including chip-fiber-coupling and incoherence effects.
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Analysis and Optimization Toolkit

  • Analysis and optimization

  • JCMsuite comprises tools for the efficient analysis and optimization of the properties of nano-optical devices or other systems. Advanced machine-learning technologies enable, e.g.,
    • a global search for optimal designs,
    • a sensitivity and robustness analysis,
    • a parameter reconstruction from measured data.
    The methods are typically much faster than traditional methods such as random search or a Monte Carlo analysis.
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