JCMsuite has intuitive and flexible graphical and scripting interfaces for setting up projects and inspecting simulation results. Complex optimization runs can be tracked via a powerfull dashboard. For computationally demanding simulation tasks, cloud computing resources can be integrated with ease.

Graphical User Interfaces

JCMsuite offers graphical user interfaces to control, edit and view simulations projects and results:

Graphical user interface of JCMsuite

  • With JCMcontrol one can easily setup simulation projects including layout descriptions, source definitions, material definitions, numerical setting and post processes.
  • JCMview is an interactive 3D viewer specially designed to inspect meshed layouts and electromagnetic field distributions.

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Scripting Interfaces

  • JCMsuite is designed to fully integrate into your MATLAB®/Octave or Python environment. This enables an intuitive, comfortable and flexible scripting of complicated design setups via MATLAB®/Octave, Python, and C-interfacing.
  • Scripts for common data analysis task, such as running and vizualizing parameter scans, can be automatically generated within JCMcontrol.


Analysis and Optimization Toolkit

  • Complex analysis and optimization tasks can be easily set up using high-level Python or Matlab® commands from JCMsuite's analysis and optimization toolbox. The scripts for these tasks can be also automatically generated using JCMcontrol. The toolbox integrates an interactive dashboard that vizualises the progress and results of the numerical studies.

Computing on Remote Workstations or Cloud Resources

  • JCMsuite provides seamless integration of computational resources from remote workstation or computation clusters to scalable compute capacities in the cloud provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure.