Optical Scattering

Optical Scattering

Optical Waveguide Design

Optical Waveguide Modes

Optical Resonances

Linear Elasticity

Heat Conduction

JCMsuite provides a very comprehensive and flexible software platform for nearly all simulation tasks in optics and microwave technologies requiring the solution of time-harmonic Maxwell's equations in frequency domain.

JCMsuite - The complete solutionJCMsuite provides solutions for:

Optical scattering
Optical waveguide design

Optical resonances
Linear elasticity
Heat conduction
and Mutually dependent combinations of these problem classes.


JCMsuite is designed to fully integrate into your MATLAB® or Python environment. The entire design task can, besides running stand alone, be embedded into the high-level scripting languages MATLAB® and Python, enabling an intuitive, comfortable and flexible scripting of complicated design setups in order to define parameter dependent problems or to run parameter scans.