Challenges of Grazing Emission X-ray Fluorescence GEXRF for the Characterization of Advanced Nanostructured Surfaces

In this paper, the grazing emission X-ray fluorescence (GEXRF) technique is analyzed to determine the spatial distribution of various chemical elements in nanostructures and is compared to the well-established GISAXS method. Simulations of the X-ray standing wave field in the vicinity of and inside the nanostructure are performed with JCMsuite to obtain the angle-resolved fluorescence intensities and the far field scattering intensities.

D. Skroblin et al. Challenges of grazing emission X-ray fluorescence (GEXRF) for the characterization of advanced nanostructured surfaces. Nanoscale, 14, 15475, (2022)

DOI: 10.1039/D2NR03046B